Introducting Parse Support

 Published On July 20, 2015

I was trying to implement an App Profile system recently. In short, an App Profile system allows your app to download a set of configurations from a back-end service after app launch, so that you can quickly make some tweaks without releasing a new version.

While CloudKit is a pretty good way to go, I still chose Parse since I’ve been using it for quite a long time and it would be good to add Parse support to LSwift. For now, a simple extension has been added:

extension LFModel {
	func parse_class() -> String		//	get a parse friendly class name
	func parse_object() -> PFObject		//	convert to a parse object
	func parse_load(object: PFObject)	//	reload properties from a parse object

Which allows to convert an LFModel to/from a Parse object. It is only a temporary solution since it’s designed solely for App Profile for now, and is subject to change.



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