About Leo L.

About Me

I’m an iOS developer since 2008, and worked as a professional Android developer for about 3 years. I started to work as a full time software / firmware developer since 2004. I have experience in leading a firmware development team with 10+ developers as well.

I started my programming life in 1990 with the BASIC language and decided to dedicate myself to it. I enjoy a lot of creative works including making video, music, and programming has always been my favorite. The best part I enjoy is architecture and user interface, and mobile development is my current favorite. I do hope I can jump into the VR scene when the hardware is ready.

I’m living in Sydney at the moment, and wish to work as a tech lead or senior developer in the US. Please contact me if offering me E3 visa sponsorship is an option for your company. Any and all help would be much appreciated.

About This Site

I decided to switch to static website recently for some reasons, and GitHub Pages with Jekyll seems to be quite cool. I’ll put most of my technical stuff here hopefully.


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