Moving to NSURLSession from NSURLConnection

 Published On July 13, 2015

Recently the server team I’m working with wants to work in a way that when an API call fails, while respoding with an error code, a JSON object is also going to be returned. This makes sense in some cases, for example when a register attempt fails due to multiple reasons, an array like ["email format is not valid", "username is too short", "password does not match"] is returned. (In this case all these errors can and should be handled on the app side though.) However, the problem is that it simply cannot be achived with NSURLConnection: if the response code is not 2xx, connection:didFailWithError will be triggered and didReceiveData will not be triggered at the same time, and vise versa.

From iOS 7.0, NSURLSession has been introduced and due to the requirement mentioned above, I think it’s time to move to it. From now, by default NSURLConnection will be used by LRestClient, and you can change this by writing something like:

client.connection_class = .NSURLConnection

The reason why I keep a “legacy mode” here is that I cannot get authentication work. Some people said in iOS 8 there’s some bug that prevents the delegate methods of NSURLSession being called, and I need to spend more time to get it work. Before it’s worked out, NSURLConnection can be used as a work-around.



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