To whom it may concern,

I’m a senior mobile developer who’s focusing on iOS and Android development for more than 7 years, and have been working as a senior developer for 10 years. Previously I worked in China and Singapore since 2004, and I’ve been working in Australian for 4.5 years.

I’m living in Sydney at the moment, and wish to work as a tech lead or senior developer in the US. Please contact me if offering me E3 visa sponsorship is an option for your company. Any and all help would be much appreciated.

Please check my website for my resume online: superarts.org/resume


What is your reason for seeking a new opportunity?

I got my Australian passport recently, which allows me to apply for jobs that offers E3 sponsorship to work in the US. Comparing with H1B, it only takes 2-3 weeks and about $500 to apply, and doesn’t have a limited cap. I have been always willing to work in the US and I feel like it’s the right time.

What are your strengths with native iOS Development?

I have 7 years experience in as an iOS developer (11 years in total as a software developer) and have extensive knowledge in iOS development, including how Obj-C / Swift works which allows me to build the architecture of the apps with both readability and efficiency. I’m good at mastering new technology and building them into the products, for example WatchKit and HealthKit. Other than this, I have all sort of experience in mobile development, including UIKit, MapKit, push notification etc.

Please send the links to any published apps in the app store.

iComplain: icomplain.com.au FitFox: FitFoxRewards.com Tipi: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/tipi/id852233153?mt=8 Others: http://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/super-art-software/id289071545

What is your current salary, and your desired salary for this role?

My expected salary in the US would be $140k to $160k pa, depends on the local price level.

When are you available to start?

Currently I’m in an open contract and my notice period would be 2-3 weeks, which feels the gap of applying E3 visa.


  • iOS Projects involved include: FitFox, Music Charts Player, Flipevent, Citibank Singapore, Citibank Australia, PAssionCard, Pingan Bank, and various independent apps including Melbourne Directory, Super File Viewer, Wiki Quiz HD, Unofficial Google Mate, aGun, etc.
  • Created various commercial Android apps including Android Antivirus & Security, etc.
  • Proficient with UIKit, CoreLocations, MapKit, StoreKit, MediaPlayer, MessageUI, and AddressBook Frameworks. Familiar with OpenGLES, AudioToolbox, AVFoundation, CoreGraphics, QuartzCore, OpenAL Frameworks, Git, and Android SDK.
  • Also have some experience in mobile website development.
  • Good at UI and function design, implementation, and testing. Familiar with App Store and Android Market publishing process, affiliate marketing analyze, iDP / Google account, development environment setup, version control, etc.
  • Agile development experience. Responsible and good at learning. Teamwork spirit.

Black Citrus, Sydney, April 2015 - Now

  • Working on an iOS project as the lead mobile developer.
  • Bug fixing and releasing for some existing apps.

Hatching Lab, Sydney, May 2014 - April 2015

  • Worked on several social networking iOS projects with other mobile / server developers.
  • Worked on a HealthKit based project FitFox; managing an offshore team for backend development.
  • Worked on an Ionic/Cordova based cross-platform project with native plugin development.

Mpire Media PTE Ltd., Perth, May 2011 - Feb 2014

  • Worked on several iOS and Android projects, including Music Charts Player, Flipevent, Android Antivirus & Security, etc.
  • Fully responsible of creating and maintaining mobile apps based on company’s marketing direction. Building apps for different affiliates in multiple regions. Reviewing product specifications based on technical aspect and making advice. Keeping all the projects on schedule.
  • Cooperating with marketing department to make quick changes based on live marking result. Monitoring tracking status and reporting regularly.
  • Cooperating with web development team to design new protocols, implement new features, and analyze and fix issues.
  • Cooperating with a newly founded Croatian mobile development team to work together on some recent mobile apps, e.g. App Lounge, Cloud Miner, etc.
  • Taking care of modules outsourced to other independent developers.
  • Example Android Project: Android Antivirus & Security (link doesn’t work due to product support stopped)
  • The main product we promoted in a lot of countries, including Australia, UK, South Africa, Belgium, Norway, China etc. I’m doing all the development on the mobile side and part of the designs. Aside from UI and functionality implementation which includes Activities, Broadcasting Receivers, Async Tasks etc, we’ve developed a whole set of tools on both client and server sides, including app config, app tracking, etc. since it’s very important for the company to monitor the performance of the app as well as user behaviors.
  • Example iOS Project: Music Charts Player (link does’t work due to product support stopped)
  • An iOS app that I’ve developed in Mpire Media. Although we were not able to market it properly, I’m still quite happy about the thing it did. It is designed by our professional developer and I’ve learned a lot from it too, since I was the one who’d been doing app design mostly myself previously. From the technical aspect, UI, network, and media play frameworks were used. I also wrote a web service using PHP and MySQL to generate various music charts on our server.

Independent Developer, Melbourne, Dec 2010 - May 2011

  • Worked on several iPhone apps during this period of time.
  • Example iOS Project: Suar Photo Sharing - iTunes Link
  • A social networking app I’ve been working on before I was employed in Australia. It’s my personal project and I wrote a GAE based NoSQL engine to back it up. It’s very much like the Parse API and actually I have built some similar thing based on AWS as well, which was used by another app called Readish (which was discontinued because of the shutdown of Google Reader), and eventually in my recent project I moved to Parse. I’m still quite happy with the fact that I was working on the right direction, although I could get enough resource to make it a successful product myself. I also put some effort to make the UI of the app looks a bit different by introducing a dynamic photo matrix with animation.

Mobiquest Solution PTE Ltd., Singapore, June 2010 - Dec 2010

  • Worked on several iPhone apps architecture design and implementation. Lead projects to production based on various requirements of the clients. Although the initial product spec and product schedule should always followed, for some (large cooperation) clients sometimes there are additional requirements due to their own business modal. My duty is also to work on their new requirements and make arrangements to ensure the products’ quality, and make them go live as soon as possible.
  • Finished projects include apps for Citibank Singapore, Citibank Australia, PAssion Card (EZ-Link), and I2R in Singapore.
  • Example iOS Project: Citibank Singapore - iTunes Link
  • The app was not exactly the same with the one I built when I left Mobiquest, but I contributed a lot in refactoring the old app and brought it into a new level by introduced a more robust framework. I was part of the development team, and introduced some cool stuff like arrangeable button matrix etc. I always put new features into different libraries, design proper interface and write documents to make the code reusable.

Independent Developer / iPhone App Seller, April 2008 - June, 2010

  • See the “Personal Project” section below. Products including some top 1 apps in various countries.
  • Developed various apps for famous clients in China such as Pingan Bank (id358327241), iFeng HD (id370532345), Anatomy Pronunciations (id319654053), etc.
  • Participated in several iPhone courses as teacher in Beijing, China, including a series of official iDUP (iPhone Developer University Program) training courses held by Beijing Normal University and Apple Inc.
  • Created an on-the-fly media serving system PHPAV, which joins and serves media files to user dynamically. Mp4 and flv formats were supported. This system was implemented with PHP, and was replaced by CastAV because of performance and flexibility considerations. There was an XML profile mechanism as well.
  • Created an on-the-fly media serving system CAV, which is a replacement of PHPAV. It allows various media operation, such as joining, adding metadata, trimming, etc. on various media formats (containers mostly), including mp4/mov, flv, mp3, ogg, vob/mpeg2, wmv/asf, etc. These operations are done on the fly, which means the media is serving to users dynamically. This system is written in PHP, and the core media/container format handling modules are implemented in C as PHP extensions to reach maximum performance.
  • Created multiple toolkits and scripts for the production servers.

ATEN IT-Lab Shanghai co.,Ltd, March 2007 - March 2008

  • Participated in IGSM, a cross-platform server management system. Worked on a Quick Cursor module, details including protocol paring and handling, and screen drawing.
  • Participated in iKVM, a cross-platform control panel of ATEN KVM products. Worked on a Virtual USB module, making it a platform independent lib, and work on both Windows and Linux. Some GDI/X11 based GUI programming was involved as well.
  • Worked on CN6000 firmware customization, which was based on a build-in web server, which was implemented by C on embedded Linux. Most works were done with C / HTML / Java Script.
  • Participated in project management, version control, and documentation writing of various projects.
  • Participated in testing and debugging of various projects.

Serial Microelectronics (Hong Kong) Ltd, March 2006 - March 2007

  • Created and designed media transcoding application MP4Maker and related CD Media Tools for the MSilicon MP4/PMP product line. It was implemented with Borland C++ Builder.
  • Participated in porting Lua Virtual Machine, DirectFB, GNUBoy, MPlayer to MSilicon customized Linux as programmer. Most codes were done with C. Various GNU tools involved, such as make, configure, etc.
  • Implemented and led Inovix IMP-2010 MP4 Player to mass production as project manager and programmer. The programming works were based on C and Lua.

Importek Multimedia & Telecom (Tianjin) co.,Ltd, July 2004 - March 2006

  • Participated in STUN API Module project in the VOIP Team. The primary goal of this project was to implement a cross-platform STUN Library. Works included architecture design, documentation, and programming. Implemented with C (lib) and C++ (sample application).
  • Worked as the leader of MP3/PMP Team. Participated in several projects based on various solutions, including but not limited to SigmaTel 35xx, Action, Xware, etc. Main duties included project management, documentation & coding (product spec, architecture design, module programming, etc.), internal training for new colleagues, new solution study and evaluation, production follow-up (including development, internal testing, QA testing, pilot run, mass product, and upgrading). Participated in 3 MP3 Player projects as system designer, project manager, and developer. Participated in 8 MP3/PMP projects as system designer and project manager.
  • Created, proposed, and wrote 3 patent applications, which were accepted by SIPO China (www.sipo.gov.cn).